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Bin Saleh Travel, LLC. (BST), a well recognized and respected name in travel and tourism industry, began life in May 2006 with a noble mission: to make travel more affordable and convenient for everyone. The newest member of IMCC Group of Companies who’s operating for more than 20 years, BST deeply involved itself in providing a high quality services in order to be your favorite travel agent and to assure you that our aim is the best and fast services. With a direct link to various airlines, BST offers you a wide range of varieties to choose from with an assurance to avail the airlines’ special offers and promotional fares. A worldwide connection of the finest hotels and special services that surpasses beyond expectancy, a trademark that distinguished us from the pack and has stood guard in an environment that has grown more competitive by the day.

Bin Saleh Travel will launch its new website in a few months. We ask you to please be patient as we develop the new look.

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Address: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 2 622 9900
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