Friday, June 23 2017
Bringing you the world

Bin Saleh Travel LLC draws its strength from the vast experience of the IMCC Group that spans over twenty years. The harmony of experience and expertise value added by excellence in service enables Bin Saleh Travel to provide its customers with travel and leisure solutions that are truly a class above.

Bin Saleh Travel LLC integrates its talents, tools and technologies to make the traveler feel at home away from home, by ensuring that the travel is convenient, comfortable and carefree. BST focuses on tailor-made solutions that meet individual travel needs and live up to the commitment to provide total customer satisfaction.

Message From General Manager

My vision is to influence my people to deliver 'service par excellence' to our clients all over the world. This is my priority and we will accomplish this in the travel and tourism industry.Leaders are created from experience and strengthened by successes and failures. I will consistently inspire my people to put their knowledge and expertise to best use, as other leaders have done before us. My prime objective is to harmonize personal proficiency with group skills to create a superior team that can out-perform all competitors. I am fully aware that it requires great courage, patience and stability to assemble such a team, but we will achieve it. Our customers are our inspiration to excel and I wish to assure the highest level of service to exceed their expectations.

Best Regards,

Husseln Atallah, General Manager

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